paolo sapio


Shouting loudly, breaking the vocal chords, to hear the silent, to the desire to break free, pressure, reaction, let off steam.
Open the window and shouts, cries out, make ​​to feel, feeling that you’re alive, you are master of yourself.
Raise your hands to the sky and scream with your head high, screaming loud, until the throat hurt.
Kind annoying noise, like a violin string about to break, the vibration of protest, help, liberation, relief.


Cries of a mother who gives birth,Ragazzo gridando a scuarciagola

cries of a worker who is crushed under the wheels,

the shouts of a student who can’t afford the culture anymore,

shouts of a man who loses his love,

the cries of an unemployed slave of the society,

Shouting of a prostitute, a tortured animal cries, shouts of a nature that is fading away.

Cries of freedom… and then… THE SILENCE

mujer gritando

mujer gritando en un campo de girasoles

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